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Hello and welcome to PJ EMPIRE!

PJ Empire was founded to bring you the best E-Liquids and to provide you a relaxed and comftable vape experience. We worked on our flavors for a very long time till we perfected them to achieve that very high level! As we also love to drip, we decided to create only High VG E-Liquids. Our VG/PG ratio range goes from 65/35 up to 80/20 VG/PG.



We use only the best...

VG & PG aswell as pharmaceutical high grade nicotine for our E-Liquids together with artificial and natural flavorings. Our nicotine levels  are 0/3/6 mg/ml as PJ Empire tried to keep the nicotine levels low.

We are TPD II compliant...

We offer 10ml bottles aswell as a 120ml Shotsystem!

We poudly present...

Our New Premium Concentrate!
Lemon Macaron & Cookie Da Bomb


Check it out!


Our new Slush Queen frozen by Kapka´s Flava

Our New Premium frozen Concentrate!
Blueberry Lemonade, Thai Chai Boba on the Roxx &  Honry on the Roxx






All our E-Liquids are also available in 100ml capacity.

We are TPD II compliant! We offer 10ml bottles aswell as our 120ml Shotsystem.

Apple Strudl

When you inhale our Apple Strudl E-Juice you can taste the sweet & sour notes from the red apple combined with a really good strudel batter and a very well balanced cinnamon spice. Get ready for a flavor that´s out of this world. It´s our Bestseller!

Yummy Dohh

A typical American donut, glazed with a sweet strawberry. To give the glaze the special „kick“ there is a hint of raspberry in the mix. All this combined with our awesome donut dough, this vape experience is more than just yummy

Strawberry Strudl

Our Strawbery Strudl is a mix of a very delicate but still sweet strawberries. Perfectly blended with our well known strudl batter this juice will be for sure easily your all day vape. The additional cinnamon delivers the final kick. Our costomers are rating it as wolrdclass.

Lemon Googlhupf

Our Lemon Googlhupf is a fresh lemon flavor on top of a delicious ring cake pastry. It´s sweet and creamy, a perfect combination. On the inhale you get the sweet&sour lemon combined with a hint of our exclusive ring cake batter. On the exhale it´s a wonderful mix of all and leaves you with a refreshing aftertaste.
Lemon Googlhupf…the taste of summer!

Cereal Loop Porn

We created a nice fruity cereal vape combined with a creamy swirl of milk. At the inhale you get the nice sweet fruity cereal loop taste and at the exhale you can taste the soft sweet creamy milk which gives the flavor an overall great touch! A great vape to start the day with.

Yo! Guad

A very nice matched blend. Apple & peach dipped in a creamy very well balanced Yogurt. Yo!Guad is still sweet but with the right amount of tart undertones which makes you feel to taste your favorite yogurt in a vape!

Custards Sigh

In Custards Sigh we are blending 3 different vanilla flavors togehter and refine them with a shot of creamy caramel. There is also a hint of brown sugar in this E-Liquid to give Custards Sigh the right amount of sweetnes, you wouldnt taste it, but it is a must have to blend the juice on point.

Cream Me Crazy

Cream Me Crazy: A fine blend of vanilla with a sweet cream and a crisp cookie / pastry – When vaping this Liquid it  remembers you to the Italian Canolli roles – just great for all dessert Lovers.

Pop Secret

A sweet popcorn vape glazed with layers of caramel. For sure the best joice to enjoy you favorite movie

Premium Concentrates

We offer our Premium Concentrates also as a system

Thai Chai Boba on the Roxx

Orange, Mandarine und ein Hauch Mango swirled in einem Thai Vanille Chai – on the Roxx (auf Eis), genau die richtige Erfrischung für tropische Sommertage!

Frozen by Kapka’s Flava.

Horny on the Roxx

Eine erfrischende Honeydew Melone abgemischt mit einer feinen Lychee, dazu rundet eine leichte, cremige Vanille Eiscream die ganze Komposition ab und macht sie zu einem Melonen HIT!

Frozen by Kapka’s Flava.

Blueberry Lemonade

Eine süsse Blaubeere in erfrischender Limonade getopped mit einem Hauch saftigem Pfirsch – das alles on the Roxx! Ein kühles Dampferlembnis welches seinesgleichen sucht!

Frozen by Kapka’s Flava.

PJ Empire TV

Some clips to introduce our brand…

Most wanted E-Liquids

  • Apple Strudel 99%
  • Strawberry Strudl 90%
  • Yummy Dooh 87%
  • Lemon Googlhupf 85%
  • YO! GUAD 73%
  • Cereal Loop Porn 59%

Most wanted Premium Concentrates

  • Lemon Macaron 99%
  • Cookie Da Bomb 90%


This is our Review section, feel free to watch what fellow vapers have to say about PJ Empire Premium E-Liquids!


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Ich verwende PJ-Empire Liquids seit Beginn an und bin immer wieder über die Neuen Kreationen überrascht! Weiter so!

Alex Schöller


Ich schätze die „süßsspeisiglastigen“ Geschmackserlebnisse. Die Kombination von Teig und dem Fruchtigen! Auch sehr durch die treffenden traditionellen Bezeichnungen wie Guglhupf, Apfelstrudel, Joghurt und deren Geschmäcker da diese auf eine natürlich und nicht chemische Art den Gaumen schmeicheln!

Christian Graupp

Student, Maschinenbau

We like to recommend JACE Liquids in return for a recommendation for us

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That’s our motto at Jace. We vape. We’re a family and we’ve given our lives to making great liquids!
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